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Monday, October 17, 2011

More Recent Pictures!

Since I havent posted in a LONG time.. I thought .. 'Hey, why not just post a bunch of pictures of Malachi'. Truth is. I havent taken pictures of him in a long time. So I guess you'll have to deal --. Nevermind, im just losing myself. Here are some pictures, IM SURE ya'll hevent seen yet.
Throwbacks. So to say. I think I did post these pics before,. but I promise that I will post NEW and UPDATED (to date) pictures. Promise! Luv ya'll

Thursday, August 18, 2011

New Haircut

                               Before                                                                     After

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Video Memories (Young Puppy) 5 videos

Just chillin.

I came home from school and just started playing with a closed box-thingy. He was being curious! and it made for a good video! Enjoy!~

Play time (1)
Play Time (2)

Wow, crazy much(!!)?
I like the part when  the little stuffed Bull Dog is on its side then Malachi flips it over, right side up. I think thats cute!

The Yorkie Times (3 Post's)

*~Monster Alert~*

After a calm walk in the Park with his owner, Malachi heard a squishy noise. While walking up the stairs and opening the door, they forgot to lock it. Malachi's owner was asleep on the couch when the Peanut Butter Monster atacked! Malachi took action and attacked back! By the end of the battle the Peanut Butter Monster was inside Malachi's belly.

Here is a photo. You can see the Peanut Butter Monsters skin on the roof of this heros mouth!

~*The Back Sleeper~*
When Malachi first came home, he was crazy, but this is one of those moments that is just cute! The was asleep for maybe 15 minutes then his sneeze woke him up.

~*Dog vs Dog*~
The first barking dog Malachi met. Its a stuffed Nintendog. He was having a blast! I bet he thaught it was real.
Check out the video!

Some Photo Updates *~Cute Yorkie Alert~*

This photo was taken last month. Its cute isnt it..?!!?

     He looks SO crazy. This was a few months ago. He is 7 months old now, he was probly 5 months here!

We entered the Bissell Contest but didnt win, sad.

Shhh. Sleeping Yorkie. 4 months old..

He's with his Moma!

One of the most recent photos. This is his cell phone. (no jk. its mine)


The Yorkie Times

My Yorkie's name is Malachi! He takes the craziest photo's and loves people!


Malachi was just informed on him getting his hair cut tomarrow at PetSmart, Im happy about it. I think hes happy too because once I told him he game me this look ---->

Now I guess he wont be able to do this
(Justin Bieber hair flip _ puppy)